Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slice of Life, March 26th--"Observations on the Last Day of Spring Break"

Tonight is our last night of Spring Break here, and I'm just noticing and recording some things that I see and feel tonight as I sit on the back deck and type.

--A dear friend died, and I am so sad. I'm reminded of how much one person can affect the lives of so many. He was a special man and many will grieve the loss of his life this week and beyond.

--It seems like Spring Break ushered in the green this week. Suddenly, the yard has bright patches and flowers are blooming.

--This week passed as quickly as all of them do, it seems. Sometimes I feel like life is speeding up. I know the last 8 weeks will be the same blur that 3rd quarter was.

--I'm not dreading going back to school tomorrow. Sure, I'd like to wake up to no alarm and sip coffee instead of gulp it, but I'm okay with it. This break was long enough to recharge, get some rest, and be ready to finish strong.

--My Golden Retriever, Yadi, is turning 3 this week. He is soooo much more grown up than he used to be, but then I catch him digging a whole in the yard (like 3 seconds ago) and am reminded how much of a puppy-at-heart he is!

--A storm is rolling in here in Missouri. It's nearly here and the thunder is in the distance. I love storms, but hate the damage they can bring this time of year. I'm hoping for a storm that brings good rain, but nothing else!

And those are my thoughts this Sunday night before the start of 4th quarter...wishing you well!


  1. Sad to hear about your friend! It is my last eve of Spring Break. I feel rested too. Good luck in the am.

  2. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. I don't think I tell you enough that I think you are pretty stinking awesome!!!