Friday, March 17, 2017

Slice of Life, March 17th--"Dear Spring Break"

Dear Spring Break,

Listen, friend. I've played this game before. I know how this works and I know what's in store over the next week.

First, we have tonight and tomorrow...let's call it the euphoric stage. The 9 days stretch ahead of me, hours slowly passing as I ignore the clock for the first time in--well, let's be real-- for the first time in months. Tonight and tomorrow are all spring break was meant to be.

Then we start what I like to call the "unconscious countdown." I try to avoid it, but I can't. Sunday night I will inevitably think something along the lines of, "In one week, I will be..." And the end of that sentence will make me sad.

This will last until around Thursday when I will start the conscious countdown. 4 more days, 3 more days...and so on...until, well, you know...

So, I have a new plan this year. I'm going to toss the calendar, forget the day of the week, and focus on the moment. That may sound easy, but for a recovering "countdowner" it's going to provide just enough challenge to keep me sharp for when Monday does roll around.

Because the truth is, I don't dread Monday; I just create a scenario each year in which the "day we go back" is the enemy. I'm going to work on that.

So, if you could provide a few sunny days, a few super-productive days, a few amazingly fun days, I will try my hardest not to count your days.

I'm going to get back to my first Friday of Spring Break if you don't mind, dear break. Let's work together and make it the best ever.

Love, Katy


  1. I love this so much! I have such a love/hate relationship with spring break...I somehow start thinking it is over before it has even begun. Enjoy living in the moment.

  2. Enjoy every minute! I love the idea of forgetting the calendar!

  3. My Spring Break just started this evening -- I like your ideas and I think I'll try to follow them. :-) Happy Break! ~JudyK

  4. What a great letter...and a great plan. It sounds like a lovely idea. Enjoy your break!