Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2nd, 2017- "A Dandelion Moment"

It was one of those days.

The rough, exhausting, never-ending race sort of days that teachers know all too well.

As I sit at my desk at 4:00 and reflect on the moments I experienced in this whirlwind of a Thursday, what comes to mind is a dandelion.

On the way in from recess, one of my students reached up and said, "I picked this for you. It's a dandelion." He grinned proudly and walked away to lunch.

It was a kind moment...colored in yellow, sweet-smelling, a bright spot in a day that needed one.

It was a peek ahead to spring, and a glimpse into the mind of a 6th grader who cared enough to pick me a flower today.

A lovely dandelion moment.


  1. Just what you needed during a whirlwind day. It's those small things where students are aware of their teacher and take the time to do something nice.

  2. While in Europe I met a new friend and was with her when she saw her first dandelion. She asked about the "beautiful flower" and it was quite a while before I told her that many consider it to be a weed. I've never seen them as anything but beautiful since. Thanks for sharing your glimpse!

    Note: Blogger isn't letting me post all the current info that I need to, so I'm tacking it on here. Tim Gels,

  3. What a dear post! I like to celebrate these little treasures, for they are what makes us stop and appreciate our job and our students. Thanks for sharing! ~Amy

  4. So sweet! It's those moments that we need to hold onto and remember on the tough days.

  5. I'm still sort of stunned by the idea that a dandelion could be blooming right now. It was snowing out my window late this morning! Lucky you to have signs of springs and sweet students to deliver them to you.

  6. I wonder if they realize how much those small things mean, especially on our most exhausting days.

  7. What a sweet to remember!