Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14th, 2017--"Doggie Bath!"

This afternoon I took my Golden Retriever, Yadi, to take a bath at the self-service dog wash down the street. He used to hate baths, but he is getting more and more used to the process at this new place. I started taking him to save money initially, because it's only $10 a bath--and the best part is that they provide everything and clean up! When you have a big, long-haired, shedding Golden the cleaning up part is super important!

Even though it used to be to save money, now we both love going to the dog wash. He really likes getting brushed and scrubbed down (except the ears--no ears!). He even likes getting dried with the big vacuum-looking dryer. He chills out so much that he ends up just relaxing against the side of the tub while I do all the work. I have to remind him to stand up so I can get him all rinsed off.

The absolute best part is how proud he is when we're done. It's like he knows he looks pretty and prances around the house like a king. It's adorable, and it's one of my favorite things to do with my dog!

Yadi--showing off!


  1. What a gorgeous Golden! I love your description of him leaning against the tub. He looks so fuzzy in this picture!

  2. Yadi has a precious face! And now his fur is immaculate and you didn't have to clean-up after the bath. I'd say everyone won!

  3. I love reading your writing, especially when it's about one of my favorite animals!