Monday, March 28, 2016

Slice of Life: March 28th, "Yadi, the Catcher: The Doggy Version"

I have a golden retriever named Yadi. He was named after the St. Louis Cardinal, Yadier Molina. Yadi is the catcher for the Cardinals, of course. It turns out my Yadi is a catcher, too!

At least once a day he looks at the top of the refrigerator like this:

Sometimes he just sits in front of it and looks at it longingly. Why? Because of this:

Yadi is such a natural catcher that we can't have the ball out all day. He is obsessed! He will literally wear himself out if we don't limit his time with it. Alas, he knows where it is stored!

His sweet little face is so convincing that it's hard to say no when he sits and gazes lovingly at it. If we forget to put it up, he even sleeps with it: his treasured possession, the yellow ball.

Sometimes it can get annoying to have a dog that is so incredibly fixated on an object, but, mostly, it just makes him more fun. It is one of those little quirks that makes me love him even more! 


  1. What a great dog Yadi looks to be! This is why we love pets.

  2. Aw. How endearing. It makes me think of my own obsessive dog.

  3. This is so cute! I love the picture of him snuggled with his ball. :) We are looking for a dog this spring/summer... our first dog! Loved your slice. Thanks for sharing this cute quirk!

  4. I like how you posted the pictures with your story. I have a frisbee guy named Ace. He would catch that frisbee till he dropped!