Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4th, Slice of Life-- "A Saturday Kind of Wednesday"

Today was a Saturday kind of Wednesday

In which we were

Surprised with snow

A gift given

A day suddenly empty

To be filled with Saturday activities, like

Hot tea by the fire

Puppy-chasing and extra snuggles


Writing captions by pictures of summer in scrapbooks

Teasing texting conversations with friends


A carefree August day in March

And beautiful flakes watched from foggy windows

Tomorrow will be a regular Thursday

A day I don't dread, but

I will admit

Having Saturday on a Wednesday was quite nice


  1. I agree! I got caught up on a favorite show that I haven't had time for lately!

  2. I love this! A perfect poem for the day. I hope you're able to get back to school tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy the Saturday!

    Also reminds me of this Simpsons clip:

  3. Totally jealous. I am so ready for the weekend but there are still TWO MORE DAYS! I'm glad you got an island of peace in the middle though. So nice. Thanks for sharing this great poem.

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  5. Hoping for a Saturday on a Thursday tomorrow. Your post reminded me what a gift an unexpected day off is.

  6. A Saturday kind of Wednesday...and it's hump day too! Double bonus. Love that concept. We are on pins and needles here, wondering about tomorrow's morning adventure. School/no school...delay/normal day? Who knows! (I would love one last midweek Saturday, though, I have to confess!)

  7. I thought it was Saturday too. On Thursday it was a Saturday