Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th, Slice of Life-- "Poor Yadi"

Yadi, my golden puppy, had the surgery that all puppies dread...he was neutered on Friday. He's been stuck in an Elizabethan collar (as if the very name of that isn't awful enough for a little boy!) and hasn't been able to play much at all. I think this picture tells the whole story of what he really thinks of his new situation! Poor Yadi.

He is NOT happy about this whole thing.

Lucky for him, it's almost over. He should be all healed up in the next few days, or at least well enough that we can take the collar off and let him do all the little doggy things he's missed out on lately. Although, truth be told, he hasn't let the collar hold him back much. He bumps around the house, flying at his normal speed, running into the sides of walls and furniture.

I'm glad we could have the surgery during my spring break. I wanted to keep an extra eye on him, and it's given me lots of extra time to give him extra love and snuggles! Hopefully, he won't be "poor Yadi" much longer!


  1. That is the most pathetic look! Poor baby!

  2. That is really sad. I hope Yadi gets better

  3. Bless his little heart! So glad you are home this week to distract him from his misery. He looks a little embarrassed in the picture, doesn't he. He is a trooper!