Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slice of Life, March 8th-- "Rain that Makes the Flowers Grow"

On rainy (almost) spring days like this one, when a light rain covers the grass and falls in soft, but steady pitter-patters, I am reminded of a phrase my mom says at times like this. She calls this kind of rain "the rain that makes the flowers grow."

Today's view outside my front door
When I feel myself tempted to be annoyed at cancelled plans or the constant wet all day, I remind myself that this rain is bringing a late gift with it. In a few weeks, we will bask in the warmth of the green grass, the peeking sun, the trees budding, and, yes, a few brave flowers that will begin to lift their heads from the cold, wintery ground.

I love the thought of this rain nurturing those cold, tired little seeds and bulbs beneath the ground and giving them the strength they need to appear again and bring beauty to our world this spring. Spring means awakening and that is what this rain was meant to do.

If you thought I loved winter, friends, you haven't seen anything yet. My adoration of spring is beyond even words. If I could hug a season, it would be spring. I rejoice with the trees as their little flowers and buds appear. My heart beats faster as the rose bushes begin to branch out. I relish the moment I get to dig my fingers in the still-cold dirt and plant seeds that will reappear like magic as vegetable plants and flowers. I feel like my own spirit awakens with the world as the green and warmth reappear once again.

Last year's garden...can't wait to plant this year!
I'm so thankful it doesn't happen overnight. What fun would that be? I love the slow, anticipatory process that is measured in small moments over many weeks and months. Inch by inch, and day by day we get closer to the a fully-spring day. I look forward to the second when driving to work or driving home or on a walk--sometime in the next few months, I will see that day. I  know I will feel tears in my eyes at the beauty of it all, at the consistency of the seasons, at the sheer joy that will fill my heart when spring finally arrives in full bloom.

A rose from last year--one of my favorite sights.
So, embrace this rainy day. Be thankful. After all, it's "the rain the makes the flowers grow," and we have a LOT to look forward to! Spring is coming, and delight awaits.


  1. I love the anticipation and excitement in your voice! I love those slow rainy days and watching growing things too. Now if I could only get as excited about the yard work here at home.

  2. I know I will be more glad than usual when spring arrives this year. Today had just a taste of warmer temperatures before it gets cold again. The next time it rains I will remember that it makes the flowers grow.