Thursday, March 13, 2014

Slice of Life, March 13th -- "A Pile of Wishes"

I wish...
    for honesty.
    for kindness.
    for hope.
    for creativity.
    for inspiration.
    to have an impact.
    to make a difference.
    to see my students succeed.

I wish...
    to keep my promises to myself and others.
    for happiness.
    for joy.
    for simple pleasures.
    for spontaneous smiles.
    to amaze others.
    to be amazed every single day.

I wish...
    to teach with love.
    to make every moment count.
    for simplicity in life.
    for deep friendship.
    to be a daring dreamer.
    to live life fully.
    to have no regrets.

I wish, most of all, to be an everyday wisher.


  1. I loved it and how it expressed you.

  2. I love it how you were descriptive and how you chose to start with "I Wish" it draws in the reader!

  3. Such great wishes! I like the "I wish to make every moment count" and "to teach with love."