Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The "Slice of Life" Pod 2 Challenge

Starting Saturday, the first day of March, I will be beginning a new challenge. Each day I will share a post that offers a "slice" of my life for you to read about. It's all part of a national movement called "A Slice of Life" created by a two writing teachers that felt that every day of life was valuable, special, and worth recording.

I was challenged by a friend to give it a try last year, and I chickened out. After all, writing EVERYDAY for a WHOLE MONTH...that's a LOT, right?! This year, however, when the same person asked me again to consider it, I changed my answer.

As I read more about the challenge (You can read about it here!), the more I began to see the benefits. What pushed me over the edge, though, was the fact that I could invite my students to participate along with me. What a wonderful idea-- to share "slices" of my life with the kiddos I love and to read more about their lives in return!

So, students, I'm officially issuing the challenge to Pod 2! Read on to find out how to be part of this special activity.

I will be posting a Google Form on my class website under the Comm Arts section. This is where you will submit your writing. You can submit anytime: at home, during my class if we have a moment, or from the computer lab here at school with permission. There will be a space to mark if you would like me to share your "slice" on my blog. I will try to share everyone that wants me to share at least once during the month.

I will be hosting a "Slice of Life" Celebration for the students who choose to take this journey with me. It will be during a lunch sometime the first week of April and will include "slices" of things Middle School students love...like pizza, cake, etc! It will be a time to celebrate our accomplishment together and talk how the writing changed us.

To be invited to the party, follow these instructions: You must submit at least 16 times. That is once for every day we are in school in March. You can post any day you'd like (school days, weekends, or Spring Break) and skip as many days as you want in between, just as long as you have 16 submissions on 16 different days by March 31st. Each submission must be at least 10 sentences long and tell something about your life. I will give some examples in class before March. Please remember that nothing submitted at school or on a school website is ever private from your parents, guardians, or school faculty and staff. 

All that said, I AM EXCITED! I look forward to sharing my own life, reading about yours, and seeing how all of this writing changes all of us!

Post questions below or talk to me at school about any details you're wondering about. Happy Writing!

--Miss Collins

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