Thursday, March 30, 2017

Slice of Life, March 30th--"Currently I'm..."

I found this post format here from a fellow SOLC blogger and she linked to this page for most ideas. I love this format and can't wait to try it!

Currently I'm...

PROUD: I love the end of March because every year my students surprise, amaze, and pass any expectations I had for the Slice of Life in my classroom. They are such hard workers, and I'm so proud of how so many of them have stuck with their goals and are going to reach them!

DETERMINED: The end of the year can be hard for students and teachers to stay focused. I'm determined to finish strong and have a wonderful ending to this semester!

COOKING: Super healthy. -sigh- I'm on an elimination diet that is helping with inflammation in my body. I haven't had dairy, gluten, processed foods, nuts, eggs, nightshade veggies, or added sugar for 3 months. I've seen a decrease in pain and some other positive effects. I'm just starting the reintroduction phase to see what I'm sensitive to, so I can eat in ways that help my body in the future. (Background: I had brain surgery last year for a disease {primary generalized dystonia} that caused a ton of damage to my body for 7 years. I'm so much better {I can walk again!} but need help reducing inflammation. This is giving me hope!)

ANTICIPATING: I am heading to Indiana in a few weeks to speak at a State Ladies Conference about how to endure illness with faith.  I'm not sure I'm the best person to speak about that particular subject, but I have had experience with illness and definitely wouldn't have made it without Jesus! ;)

INSPIRED: We lost our school custodian on Sunday to a sudden illness. It was unexpected and overwhelmingly sad for the whole school community. Even though it's been only 5 days, reflecting on his life and the legacy of positivity and love that he left has inspired me. It's amazing how much one person can affect a community. I hope to be half the person he was.

ORGANIZING: Okay, let's be real. When am I not organizing? I'm a messy person by nature,  so it's a constant battle for me. I like things to be neat and clean and perfect, but I don't have the everyday patience to maintain it. I'm working at home and at school to get it together! Again.

HOPEFUL: I am excited to see what the future brings, near and far! I believe that life is a beautiful gift, and I want to be grateful for it everyday, which I believe fosters hope.

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  1. I love this take on currently! Good luck on your speech, it sounds like it will be wonderful. What a positive you outlook you have on your difficult time. I hope the diet helps even though I'm sure it will be difficult.