Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Slice of Life, March 29th--"Thoughts on Slicing"

This is my 4th year to slice with the community at the Two Writing Teachers. I enjoy reflection (like most teachers!), so as I thought about how much I've changed over those years, and more importantly, how my writing has changed, I wanted to record my thoughts. I wonder if others have experienced the same changes as I have?

-I've loosened up at bit. I don't seek perfection in my writing or in my ideas. I do labor over words and think about creative ways to say things like all writers. I try to pursue excellence, but I don't put the pressure on myself that I did the first few years to make it all a piece of art (not that it ever was, but I did try...).

-In my lack of perfection, I think I've become a better writer. It's counterintuitive, but something I say to my students all the time: "It doesn't have to be perfect to be good writing! That's why we have erasers!" I've become more fluent, less reticent, and just have more fun!

-I don't look far for my ideas. I remember spending an hour just in the brainstorming stage of a slice during my first year. My ideas were good, and I'm glad I recorded the stories. However, I like my day-by-day style better now. I write in the moment and try to find my ideas hidden in the messiness of my everyday, rather than retelling a gem of a story from the past.

-I like writing more now. It is becoming more effortless and I love that. Like my students, as I write more, it become easier.

-I don't struggle to see myself as an author anymore. Somewhere along the way I began to believe my own words that, "Everyone is an author!" (Usually said during the first week of school with enthusiasm!) I write, and therefore I am an author. It took 4 years, but I got there.

I know all to well that feeling of loss tinged with relief that I will feel on April 1st. It's always welcome--extra time in my evening, etc. But, I always wish I had the perseverance to join the Tuesday Slicers that go all year!

Maybe this year is the year!


  1. I might do it next year. I plan to every year but I get overwhelmed with preparing for testing and all the rush of second semester. You do inspire me, though!!!

  2. What great reflections! I feel like what I gain from just making the tie to write every day is worth the struggle.