Monday, March 27, 2017

Slice of Life, March 27, 2017--"A No-Words Monday"

The sweet custodian at our school passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Words can't express how our school was affected today as we grappled with the loss of our family member. 

It was a no-words Monday

As some kids had their first brush with death

And many others brushed against it again,

Familiar with the feelings,

But still helpless against the flood of emotions

It was a no-words Monday

As staff members embraced

Remembering our last memories with our friend

Choking back tears

As we comforted those in our charge and they comforted us.

It was a no-words Monday

As we mourned together as a family

Overwhelmed by the impact of one person

The reach of a true role model

Into the lives of so many, young and old

As tears ran down our faces,

My mind came back to one thought over and over:

How much he would want us to smile, to dry our tears

To remember the good times and laugh---but today was hard.

It was a no-words Monday.


  1. So sad for your loss. It's never easy. Hopefully your staff can pull together in your time of grief.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. Sudden losses are even harder. May your staff find solace and peace among each other.

  3. I'm sorry for this loss and grateful you shared it with us. That repeated refrain of a "no-words Monday" -- it's a perfect way to express the sadness; thank you for finding words that let us in to your day.

  4. You've captured the feelings of a day like this with your words. Sorry for your loss.

  5. This a beautiful tribute to your colleague and friend. I'm glad you have a supportive community.

  6. Sorry for the loss you and your school have experienced... there really are no words right now, but hopefully the smiles and laughter will come as you remember

  7. I still have tears running down my face, and will off and on for who knows how long. We've lost a truly remarkable man. However, you're right that he would want us to celebrate life and live to the fullest. :)

  8. You got it right when you said he would want us to smile. He was an authentically sweet and friendly person. Let's honor his memory by trying to be as enthusiastic and welcoming as he was.