Thursday, March 23, 2017

Slice of Life, March 23rd-- "Oh, Podcasts, Where Have You Been My Whole Life?"

Today was another travel day for me, and I spent my time in the car with my dad. We have a hard time deciding on a common interest on the radio, so I introduced him to my new favorite thing: podcasts!

So, I know, 99.9% of you are thinking, "What rock has she been hiding under for the last 10 years?"

And I'll tell you.

It's called the un-updated phone rock. It's a dark place where podcasts cannot shine their bright, informative, and entertaining light. It's a rock that does not allow downloads at a speed that supports healthy stress levels. It's where I've been for a long time thinking to myself, "If one more person tells me to download another podcast, I'm going to drop their phone in my coffee and then ask if there is a podcast about fixing drowned phones."

Yes, my friends, it was a dark place.

But! I got a new phone! It downloads! It doesn't crash daily! It takes pictures you can see and be proud of and...wait for it...plays PODCASTS!

I am seriously in love.

I'm a fairly random person and now I can find someone to ramble on about whatever is flitting through my brain at any particular moment.

History? Check!
Devotions? Check!
Healthy Eating? Check!
Random unsolved crimes? Check!

Also, the best part of coming to the party late? There are like 6,452,890 episodes of every podcast already recorded, and I don't have to wait for anything new.

Wow. Game-changer. -wink-


  1. I wrote about podcasts the other day! I love them so much. I'm glad you discovered them. What's your favorite so far?!

  2. You have the best voice. Love your posts!