Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slice of Life, March 22nd--"Just a Boy and His Dog"

My nephew, Cal, has a very special relationship with my dog, Yadi.

Cal is 15 months old, and Yadi is almost 3 years old. When Cal was born, Yadi was still mostly a rascal who could not be trusted around little people. His ultimate goal for the first 9 months of Cal's life was to get a chance to lick the baby's face. Turns out that was not the way to make friends with Cal, or to win popularity with his parents, either.

So, Yadi started using a new tactic about 6 months ago. When Cal was in town, Yadi followed him everywhere. And I mean everywhere. He didn't mess with him much; he just trailed him and laid beside him when he could. After a few month of this, Cal started to warm up to Yadi. He would reach out and pet him or walk over to him on his own.

Lately, just seeing a picture of Yadi causes Cal to scream, "YaYa!!" and break into the biggest grin you've every seen. He will sit and look at pictures or videos of "his" dog and talk to him like he's in the room.

It's precious. I can't wait to see what good friends they are as they both grow!


  1. This is very precious! It is amazing how their friendship has grown. Very cute!

  2. I love this story!!! Nothing like a kid and a dog! Is Yadi a golden retriever?