Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8th, 2017-- "A Check-in for Year 3"

A few years ago I tried this format from someone else on whim, and now it's become a Slicing tradition for me. I check-in with myself to see what's the same and what has changed in my life from year to year. You can see my post from two years ago here and from last year here. Enjoy!

I am a teacher, a daughter, and an aunt to the cutest nephew and niece ever.

I keep everything. I am a pack-rat and have real issues with throwing things away. If you ask me when I'll use "it" in the future as a way to help me "let go", I will come up with a good reason and probably convince you to let me keep it.

I wish I could have the power to make things different for some people. Why some humans get so much pain and hurt in their lives is a mystery to me...especially children. 

I love my Golden Retriever, Yadi. He's sleeping beside me as I write, and his presence is comforting. 

I sing in the car. Everyday. Really loud. On the way to work and on the way home. It's not a pretty scene.

I think that people should just be kind. Cliche? Maybe. But really. Can't everyone just do that? Pretty, please?

I really love to teach. My job is the best in the world, and I just can't imagine waking up and doing anything different. 

I need to clean out my closet. Badly. It's a sorry mix of winter and spring clothes, all of which are badly hung and sometimes not hung at all. Spring Break project, anyone? 

I should sell some of my books. I have crates and stacks and bookshelves full, but every time I think of selling doesn't happen.

I can find the positive in just about anything. I got that from my mom. It can be annoying sometimes, even to me, but it's been something that has come in handy during some difficult times in life.

I like to travel. I went to Iceland this summer with one week's notice. It was fabulous to go somewhere I'd never been and see things I never imagined I'd see on a whim.

I make really slow decisions (which is why Iceland was a big deal for me!). I like to think things through and really weigh the pros and cons.

I always try to believe the best about people. We all make mistakes. Let's move forward!


  1. This is a cool idea. Did you see much change from last year?

  2. "I can find the positive in just about anything." I can completely relate to this! I'm positive to a fault sometimes, but I would much rather be optimistic than always find the negative in every little thing. My glass is always half full.

  3. Love this idea, Katy! I'm going to try it for a slice. I think I might even encourage my two classroom slicers to try it if they get stuck for ideas. I, too, sing in the car when I'm feeling happy and just grateful for being alive. I can't carry a tune so if someone else is in the car well, that's just too bad! Hahahaha!