Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1st, 2017- "A Slicing Kind of Day"

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge put on by the Two Writing Teachers. I am challenging myself to write for 31 days in a row about my life--the events, the beauty, the struggles, and the inspirations. My students and many of my colleagues are joining me, and I hope you will, too!

It was the last thought I had last night.

The first one this morning.

I even think I dreamed about it.

It's March and today is a slicing day! For the 4th year, I will be Slicing along with my students, my colleagues, and the bigger writing community at the Two Writing Teachers.  

Every year the challenge at my school has grown and with that growth, the excitement. At the beginning of Year 1, I was full of doubts. Would I be able to fulfill my commitment? Would I let myself down? But most of all, would I let the students that I convinced to join me down? Would the Slice of Life be a huge flop in my classes?

Of course, if I'm back for year 4, it's obvious it didn't flop! 

Instead, a writing community was born. Small at first, but growing every year to include about half of our school and faculty. Community pulls at people, compels them to come and to join.

So, dear Slice of Life community, I am so very glad to be back. I feel my heart and my fingers tingle with excitement as I type, as I write words that I know will be read by others who feel the same. Writing has a way of unleashing my soul with a freedom that makes me wonder why I ever let a day go by without it. 

Thirty-one days are ahead. Thirty-one days of writing. Thirty-one days of community. Thirty-one days of looking at the world through the lens of a writer, inspecting it for details that go by unnoticed for 11 months of the year. Thirty-one days of slicing.

Today is slicing kind of day. And I'm so glad.


  1. I get excited about this too! I think that is the magic of this challenge. And at the end I always vow to keep going. :)

  2. Thank you for reaching out to our students and to me to blog with you this month. My class and I are excited to join your Slice of Life community!

  3. I share your excitement even though I wasn't sure I would make it today! But now it's just a matter of moving ahead. Reading that you're blogging with your students is making me have second thoughts about inviting my class to do the same. I had discarded the idea for various reasons, but I'm thinking that it doesn't have to involve the whole class. Maybe just a few kids who really want to do it would be enough. Something to think about for tomorrow.

  4. I second the thank you from John! I'm thankful for the encouraging community you have helped put together at WCMS for a month of slicing. I look forward to the 31 days ahead: writing, reading, and learning with and from all of my colleagues!

  5. Thanks, Katy, for all you and Kris have done to take what was a small project four years ago and turn it into a community of writers! Let's do this!