Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11, 2017- "Embrace the Journey"

"Embrace the Journey"

I saw this quote today and it hit home for me. Oh how tiresome the "journey" can be at times! I am a cut and dry person. Give me the facts and let me make a decision. However, the journey isn't always that simple!

This quote reminds one to not just enjoy, but to embrace, to hold tight to, to appreciate the journey. 

This is especially hard for someone like me that just wants to get to the destination. I prefer to know where I'm going, the time table, and to have a map. I'm not sure that having all of those things allows you to truly embrace the journey.

Perhaps if you have your eyes fixed too firmly on the destination, you miss the beauty of the journey entirely? I certainly don't want to do that.

There is so much to be seen and embraced in life to miss it because I can't take my eyes off of the proverbial map! Embrace the journey. What a wonderful reminder! 


  1. Sometimes it takes the simple words to hit home. Thank you for sharing this and helping us to see the life that is happening all around us.

  2. This can have both a figurative and literal meaning! I'm facing a 10 hour drive back home tomorrow and found myself fighting sleep as all I could think about was getting home. I read this and was reminded to enjoy the ten hours of singing, talking, and sometimes silence in the car with Sophia.

  3. I always like to be inspired, and "embrace the journey" is a powerful phrase! It can be difficult not to give up or accept the struggle - but having words to fall back on can be very meaningful.

  4. Yes, Katy, what a wonderful reminder! Thank you! There can be so much good in the journey.