Friday, March 25, 2016

Slice of Life: March 25th, "The Story Behind the Book Buying"

Today as we traveled from Denver back to Missouri, I found myself in one of my favorite locations, a bookstore. Of course you can find books in almost any airport around, but this was a one of the good stores...shelves and shelves, like a mini Barnes and Noble. Naturally, I found two books: a good biography and a mystery, two of my favorite genres.

I took them to the counter with my head hung low, because, once again, I had succumbed to the temptation that plagues me. I am a chronic book buyer.

I know this is not uncommon among teachers, but my history of buying books is a little complicated. You see, it's not just that I only buy books, it's that I refuse to get a library card anymore. At least where I live.

I know, I know...I love libraries, too. I can wander for hours and fill my arms to overflowing. I can spend days there, reading and drinking coffee (from the cafes that the swanky ones have now). But, I cannot get a library card anymore.

My problem is multi-faceted.

Number one, I can rarely finish a good-sized book that has some substance to it within the time I have to borrow it. My library only lets you check them out for one to two weeks, depending on the book.

Number two, because I cannot finish said book I either have to return it, renew it, or pay money.

Number three, other than renew (which my library where I live now does not do well at...there are too few copies of almost any book and there is almost always a waiting list), neither of those options are good with me.

I have paid so much in fines over the years that I've decided that if a book is worth reading, it's worth buying. Sure I have a few duds, but most of time, I'm on the money. I get to read the book as long as I want (and reread!), and I don't have to pay fines to do it! Plus, I can get releases, old books, PD books, anything!

I've found some cheap ways of doing it, like Amazon and used bookstores, but sometimes, like today, I find myself in a store and I must buy. Even if it's full price...

I could have worse habits, right...?? ;)


  1. I appreciate why you need to get the book! Libraries are great places until we need more time!!

  2. Bookstore owners love patrons like you, great choice for your hard earned bucks.

  3. Sounds completely logical to me! Good books are certainly hard to resist!

  4. Now that's what I call putting your money where it matters. Sounds to me like your "problem" is nicely solved :)