Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Slice of Life: March 22nd, "A Ski Village Kind of Day"

Today was a ski village kind of day. My mom and I took a day off skiing to take care of my nephew Callaway and rest. It was the kind of day that you spend your planning period at school dreaming about. We moseyed through shops, stopped for tea and scones, sat by a fire, and met the crew coming down from the mountain for a quick break.
Give him a few years and he'll be skiing that mountain behind him!

A Starbucks break with my dad
We also had lots of time for people-watching. I love to just sit and watch people as they come and go. Ski villages are the perfect place for that. I like to imagine what people's lives are like.

I watched a family today at Starbucks getting ready to head up to the mountain. I thought they looked quite affluent in their stylish outfits as they moved around gathering their supplies and coffee. I noticed one woman who was talking loudly in the group. She seemed to really have it together. I saw her gesturing to her ski outfit as she spoke with a friend. I figured she was telling the story of finding it in an expensive Beaver Creek village shop, but then she got loud enough for me to hear.

"Can you believe I found this for $30 at Plato's Closet?! It totally looks like it's in fashion!" she laughingly recounted.

I realized that we might have more in common than I initially thought! I'm wearing the same ski jacket I've had for 10+ years; rather than judging me, I have a feeling she would have congratulated me! Perhaps we could even be shopping buddies, finding deals together. Of course, they moved on and I remained by the fire. But that's what people-watching is about, right? Observing, wondering listening, seeing details you would have missed otherwise...

Ski villages have a lot to discover, and I'm glad I had the chance today!