Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slice of Life: March 20th, "The Day My Family Added a Third Generation of Skiers"

My niece and I in Beaver Creek Village
Today was our first official day in Beaver Creek, Colorado, for our skiing Spring Break. While the adults did the boring stuff, like going to the grocery store, my niece joined the ranks of the skiers of our family. She spent the day in ski school. She was so proud to learn and show us how she was doing at the end of the day!
In line for the magic carpet up to the top of the bunny slope

Working on that "pizza" stopping technique so she can go to the "big mountain"
As I watched her playing in the snow and and loving every minute, it reminded me of when I learned many moons ago. My parents were both in education, so on spring breaks we four would load up the car, head west, and spend the week playing in the mountains. We haven't been able to do it every year, but every trip is special.

I loved skiing from the start, everything about it: the bigger-than-life mountains, the up-close nature, the speed, the feeling of freedom as you move down slopes. It is so satisfying and the perfect way to unwind from real life.

Tomorrow is our first day. I can't wait!


  1. What an exciting venture! So glad you can share this experience with your niece.

  2. What a family tradition. Have fun tomorrow!

  3. What a family tradition. Have fun tomorrow!

  4. Have a great spring break! I have one more week until we get ours.

  5. Wonderful family memories on the slopes! It sounds like your niece was a natural. One of my favorite memories is skiing with my older one else on the slope, just the hush of snow all around.

  6. I can't decide if skiing is on my list of things to do or not....sounds exhausting. Hopefully you had a great day and aren't too tired to go again!! Good luck!!

  7. I love spending family time too pursuing a talent or love. We love softball. My daughter trains twice a month, but we are building special memories with her just like you are with your on the slopes. Thanks for sharing.