Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slice of Life, March 31st-- "Final Thoughts on a Month of Slicing"

Is it possible that tomorrow is April? Unbelievable!

As a second-time slicer, this year of slicing has held new surprises for me. I'm sure all of you that have sliced for years can relate, and might even chuckle, at what seem like "new revelations" to me. Here are a few of my final thoughts on my month of blogging:

**It's harder the second time: Okay, maybe it's not harder, but perhaps it seems harder because I thought it would be easier. Thinking you're going to be a "pro" at writing anything is a ridiculous notion to me now. Writing is writing, and it's hard no matter what. What was I thinking? Ha!

**Sometimes it's very easy: As hard as the second time seemed, there were days that surprised me with their ease--those blissful days when the words seem to flow from your fingertips at will, almost without thought. Those are the days I live for. I wonder if those days get more frequent the more you write?

**There's just not enough time for it all: This year we had a great group of people join us for SOL15, and I kept up with all of them for awhile, and then...well, I just couldn't. Reading blogs can take as long as writing them--especially if you want to let people know you've stopped by and leave a comment! I'm going to be reading Slice of Life blogs for the next few months and commenting, I think. Better late than never!

**Life happens, even when you're in the middle of a blogging challenge: I never expected for 5 of my 31 slices to be written at the hospital this year as I battled illness once again. I never expected to write a slice about using a walking cane for the first time. I was sick more than I was well, it seemed. I had an eventful month, mostly in ways I'd rather not relive, but I made it! There is just something about a challenge when you're stubborn, isn't there? For some reason, blogging everyday made me feel that I was conquering and winning, even when I was hooked up to an IV.

**The hard-fought battles are the most rewarding: It wasn't the easiest month for me; there's just no way to sugar-coat it, but it was rewarding. Once again, I saw my kids blossom in ways I just didn't think possible. Their words inspired me. I had a parent tell me how much this challenge made a difference in their child's writing, and, once again, I was reminding of how worth it this exercise is. Maybe, deep down, I thought the success of last year's Slice of Life with my kids was a fluke, and we'd never be able to have that happen again...but we did. It just proves how powerful writing is.

**I may not be proud of the quality of my writing everyday, but I am very proud that I made it: Last year, I felt like my slices were more thought out, crafted more deliberately, and just plain better. This year I'm just proud there is a slice under each day of the month.

**I'll be back: Slicing gets in your blood. At some point the question of whether you'll participate next year disappears, because of course you'll participate next year! You're a slicer! I noticed this attitude in myself this year when I thought about next year. I noticed it as I spoke with other second-timers at my school. We spoke of next year as a certainty, not a possibility. I think I like that change. Year three, here we come!

So, goodbye for now, dear slicing friends. I hope that this year was as rewarding for you as it was for me. Like last year, I hope to see you each Tuesday coming up, but we'll just have to see what life holds. One thing is for certain, though...I'll be back next year come March 1st. And hopefully, I'll bring more people with me!


  1. Agree, agree, agree. I'm a first time slicer this year. I stopped by your blog from time to time and really enjoyed reading it! Thanks so much!!

  2. "For some reason, blogging everyday made me feel that I was conquering and winning, even when I was hooked up to an IV." THIS is powerful! conquering & winning! YES!

  3. I totally agree! Not proud of my writing style but there's something glorious about truckin' on! You've captured the slicing experience perfectly and next year I'll be that second year writer like you mentioned!

  4. I love that feeling of conquering and winning just as much as you described in your 6th paragraph! I agree when you said that "hard-fought battles are the most rewarding".