Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slice of Life, March 26th-- "Giving a New Format a Try"

I'm trying out a new format I saw someone else use on the Slice of Life challenge! Here goes!

I am a teacher, a dreamer, a puppy-mommy, a daughter, a sister, and an aunt.

I keep ridiculous amounts of tea in my possession. Check anywhere. It fills the cabinets at home, runs out out of drawers at school, and is stuffed in the pockets of my purse. And yet, I cannot help but buy more...

I wish I could afford to travel without limit. I wouldn't go all the time; I love home too much, but I would go a lot more than I do now.

I love to ride with the windows down on cool, sunny spring days like we've been having lately. Especially if my dogs are in the back seat!

I sing along to Disney and Broadway hits in the mornings on the way to school. Makes me smile every time!

I think there are a lot of kind people out there. The news shows the worst, but I see too much good around me to believe bad has taken over.

I really wish scientists would find a cure to Dystonia. Sometimes I get so tired of it.

I need more hours in the day. There are a thousand things I want to do everyday, but it seems like each day ends like this one: over too quickly with more I want/need to do!

I should exercise more. Why don't I? See above. :)

I can appreciate the small things in life. It is a pleasure to lose myself in a moment of beauty or emotion.

I like to read, scrapbook, write, and teach. They are never-ending, life-long pursuits and growth areas for me.

I make a difference everyday. I love my job, and I love the meaning it gives my life. My kids are everything to me.

I always try to find hope, even if it's in the daffodils in my front yard reminding me of how spring brings renewal...I actively look for and seek it out. It is essential to keeping me going!


  1. I love this format. I may have to borrow this very soon. I especially like your last part: "I always try to find hope... I actively look for and seek it out." Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this. Almost needed something like this today. (Might need it tomorrow. We'll see how tomorrow goes.)

    I like the same things you do. Reading, (digital) scrapbooking, writing, and teaching. Those certainly are areas all of us can always work on!

  3. I enjoyed getting to know you through this slice. The last two warmed my heart:) Thank you for sharing!

  4. Katy, great post! I may steal this format too. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the sweetness of life.

  5. Katy, great post! I may steal this format too. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the sweetness of life.

  6. I like your thoughts, feelings, and actions. We DO see so much on the news that's negative, don't we. Thanks for reminding us of the good things! Jennifer Sniadecki