Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25th, Slice of Life-- "Trying to Slice, Trying to Slice..."

Today was an exhausting day. I am drained and my eyes are heavy. I'm leaned back in bed against pillows, trying to recall a moment from the day to recount for you. Nothing is coming. I'm sure there was an exceptional moment embedded in there somewhere, but the memory of it is long gone.

I've considered any one of the brilliant formats that I've read from my fellow slicers, full of creativity, but tonight, even inserting my own words into a pattern seems too much.

It's storming quietly in the distance here. The severe weather has moved to the east, giving me the all-clear for a safe night's sleep. All the stands between me and closing my eyes is this 25th slice.

Most nights I would fight it. Sit up straighter, get a glass of water, read some slices, and write something I can be proud of. Tonight, though...

Tonight, sleep is just going to win...

Sleep well, fellow slicers. May tomorrow be filled with creativity and inspiration!


  1. Sleep is a severely underrated commodity. I hope you get enough of it tonight!

  2. Sleep wakes up new ideas! I hope today is full of energy and new ideas for you!!

  3. I love how you told what you were hearing, seeing and feeling! That was really good!