Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19th, Slice of Life--"A Lot of Nothing Equals Something"

I'll be honest.

Today's slice hasn't come easy. It's Spring Break here, and my days are filled with tasks that are just not equaling up to very meaningful experiences. It's hard to slice a day like that sometimes.

The grocery store. Redecorating a room. Netflix. Puppy-sitting. Reading. Spending a day in pjs.

You get the picture. A whole lot of "nothing"...

Except that it hasn't been like that to me. I may not have much to write on paper, but there's been some serious decompression going on at my house. Maybe my days aren't filled with exciting Spring Break experiences that impress or of days of checking off major "to-do" list items, but my days have been filled with peace.

It's something that is often missing from this busy teacher's life. I don't mean the kind of "peace" that is the opposite of "upset." I mean the kind of peace that is the opposite of loud and busy.

I've had a week of peace. Peace, quiet, deep breaths, and small moments of noticing details.

I've rested more than normal. Read, imagined, played, created, dreamed. I wish I could say that those things had a more permanent place in my life, but grading papers, planning lessons, and connecting with my students just takes precedence normally. It probably does for you, too.

It's been nice, I'll admit. To rest without a do all these things just because I can. Next week I won't resent going back to school, but I sure will be thankful for my week of "nothing" because, for me, it added up to a whole lot of "something!"


  1. Yes, there is a value in nothingness, in peace as opposed to noise. I am looking forward to my spring break, unfortunately not for another few weeks. Maybe the snow will have melted by then and I will be able to capture some peaceful moments walking with my dog in the woods. Thank you for sharing, I feel better now!

  2. Bravo. Enjoy your days of peace and have fun reading, relaxing, and slicing.

  3. Happy Soring break to you. Hope it looks like spring where you are. We are still dealing with winter!

  4. I'm thankful for days (or weeks!) like this. Sometimes more creativity comes from doing nothing. Enjoy!