Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18th, Slice of Life-- "How I Got My Breakfast: A Poem"

Breakfast time on Spring Break

"Let's eat somewhere special!"

7 a.m. and rainy

We sleepily leave the house, longing for coffee

Only to be met with a "CLOSED for repairs" sign at Stop 1

We regroup

Sleepy decisions are made

We turn around

Caravan to another breakfast joint

Stop 2

7:25 a.m. and still raining

This time "On Vacation" is hung in place of the blinking Open sign

Grouchy voices brainstorm yet another choice

Running out of options in this small town

Drive one town over to find a Stop 3

7:45 a.m. and drizzle continues

Finally, lights seen from afar!

They look open...are they...might they be...



Coffee comes

Pancakes are ordered

Moods lift

Special Spring Break breakfast, finally, is found.


  1. So glad this had a happy ending. Maybe you've inspired me to eat a special spring break breakfast next week! :) (WW Erin)

  2. How frustrating! I would have been starving!

  3. How frustrating! I would have been starving!