Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13th, Slice of Life-- "Through the Eyes of Spring Break"

It felt like a mostly normal day. The kids came for classes, we ate lunch, and everyone left. It was a little dreary out, rainy and chilly, but not too cold. It was a day that I wouldn't have noted for much reason except for what happened at about 3:15...

Suddenly, it was Spring Break.

Two little words that have such meaning to teachers and students! It doesn't even matter that I'm not going anywhere this year on a trip, because the week stretches in front of me like a huge grassy field that is just meant to be played in.

Suddenly, it's not a dreary, rainy Friday. It's a wonderful day with the beautiful, gentle kind of rain that brings the promise of spring and flowers.

The store isn't somewhere I have to go to get things I need for the next week. It's a place to meander and peruse the fun finds that are hidden there.

My bed isn't just a quick place to get the rest I need for tomorrow's work. It's a luxurious space to relax, read, and listen to the rain fall in quiet pitter-patters while sleeping way past my alarm time.

I don't need to take a bath...I get to take a warm, bubbly bath, complete with my favorite book and a candle.

I don't see "have to do" responsibilities --I see "get to do" possibilities. My curiosity awakens, and I am determined to explore a few things in my small town I've never done before. There's a small, old cemetery on a hill by the road a few miles away that I've promised myself I'd explore someday. Maybe I'll stop by the used bookstore I never have time for. Maybe my bedroom needs a makeover while I'm feeling relaxed and creative. Downtown has been begging me for a walk through it. Maybe lunch while I'm there? The ideas are endless...

Who knows how I'll end up spending this week....if I'll get all of my wishes done or none of them at all. What I do know is that I will spend this week doing what I want to do. I'll savor each moment. I'll enjoy each breath. And I'll slow down.




And just enjoy everything...through the eyes of Spring Break.


  1. Oh, I'm jealous and looking forward to catching up on all this in a few weeks. I love the contrasts you create looking at the same "to dos" through different lenses. Enjoy!

  2. That sounds amazing! I am looking forward to seeing the world through these eyes after next week!