Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesdays, April 8th: "One"

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My title is a mistake...my fingers jumped on the keyboard, and this is what I found in the title bar of my blog where my "real" title was supposed to be. Its brevity attracted me, and this is what I came up with based on my little mishap.

One phrase aptly spoken
One smile given at just the right moment
One compliment at the crucial hour
One person that laughs with you to relieve the tension

One tweet that inspires
One blog that ignites an idea
One lesson that unfolds in unexpected ways
One student that understands
One moment that stands in time, remembered
One mistake that becomes a masterpiece

One can make a difference
One is powerful
One may be small but it's enough sometimes, because
One can change everything
One is important
One teacher
One life


  1. You make a valid point about the power of one!
    Great poem! All from a mistake!

  2. The power of one is...powerful.