Saturday, March 29, 2014

Slice of Life, March 29th-- "Tucker, the Snorting Golden Retriever"

I promised at the beginning of SOL to introduce both my dogs. Jackson found his way into a post quite early, but I've saved my second dog for later. Meet Tucker:

Tucker is my 9 year old Golden Retriever. When he was a puppy, we noticed something different about him. When he was really happy, he snorted. Sort of like when a cat is content, they purr-- well, Tucker snorts. It is seriously cute.

He snorts when you're petting him. He snorts when he wants you to pet him. Sometimes, when he's sitting across the room just looking at you, he'll snort, just to let you know that it's on his mind. It sounds like a snore and a pig snort combined.

He is a for-real retriever, not just in name. He is happiest when he is chasing something. He often wears himself out chasing his tennis balls and other dog toys. I have never in my life seen a dog more enchanted by flying objects. When we get out the bean bag toss game in the summer while we're grilling, he has to be in the house, because he will run and snatch bean bags from the air during the game. It's hard to know who's winning when the dog is running around with all the bean bags!

Tucker is very sweet and loving. He will snuggle with you all day if you let him (in between games of catch, of course). He likes to be scratched, and if you are not doing your job while he lays with you, he will "gently" remind you with a little swat from one of those big paws.

He likes to be with his family and is very loyal. Earlier this year, as I was putting my things in the car to go to school, Tucker followed me to the garage, climbed in the back seat, and got comfortable. He put up quite a fight when I told him he was not allowed to go to school with me!

His favorite place to be is outside. He will lay outside by himself for hours. He especially likes to eat grass or snow, whichever happens to be covering the ground. He loves the shade, even in the winter, probably because he has such a thick coat of fur.

His least favorite thing is to be brushed. You would think this might feel good when you're covered in hair like him, but he acts like he is being tortured. It takes two people to pin him down long enough to give his coat a good brush. When it's over, he snorts because he is so happy to be done!

So, that's Tucker, the incredible snorting Golden Retriever. I hope you enjoyed reading about what makes him special!


  1. Tucker is one gorgeous golden retriever. He makes me miss my brother's golden retriever. Milo loves to swim--even more than he loves to retrieve things.

  2. Golden retrievers are my absolute favorite. So loyal. So smart. So sweet. Such lovely family members. Tucker sounds wonderful!

  3. Oh my goodness! I want to kiss Tucker's furry little face. I feel like I know him after reading your blog. I can tell he is a great member of your family.