Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slice of Life, March 20th -- "Tapas, anyone?"

I've tried to write 3 posts tonight and none of them are working out.

Have you been there, friends?

I've decided that instead of working hard to come up with a hearty "main course" slice, I'd just offer you some "tapas"--a Spanish tradition of "small plates" of food. Instead of a long post with all my thoughts on one subject, I'll give you a small sample of some of the many thoughts that are swirling around my mind tonight.

Thought 1: Today is the International Day of Happiness, created by the United Nations in 2012. It coincides with the first day of Spring, which I think can't be an accident! I've been pondering all day about what it is exactly that makes one person happy over another person. I've decided that, when it all boils down, happiness is a choice. As cliche as it is, I choose whether a circumstance is going to steal my joy and my smile or if it is going to be just a bump in the road. I've also thought about how happiness does not have to be a polar opposite of sadness; I think in life we experience all and joy combined with sadness and difficulties that together create the perfect mixture to produce happiness.

Thought 2: I've been reading some great books in my independent time. I am a reader of many books at once, so here's a few from my current stack:
       The Monuments Men: The book surprised me with the nonfiction narrative full of fascinating facts about the rescue of art during WWII. I love it, but in small doses. Sometimes my brain just isn't ready to absorb it all, and I don't want to miss anything! I read this book a chapter at a time, slowly.
       The Book Thief: It was not a book that instantly grabbed me, but after about a third of the way through, I was hooked. It is a glimpse into the life of a young lady during the start of WWII in Germany. I've never read a book like it before, and I'm mesmerized by the author's style.
      Various German Guidebooks: I'm planning a trip to Germany next summer, so I'm reading up on places to visit and things to do. I love planning trips almost as much as taking them, so it's a lot of fun. I read these books when I feel like escaping for a few minutes. Perhaps the trip subconsciously attracted me to the above books, too! I'm noticing a theme now that I'm writing it all down.

Thought 3: Spring Break is over. I'm flying home in the morning. I have the normal mixed feelings. I'm so sad to leave vacation and exploration behind. It's been a wonderful break from the normal routine. I've had a lot of firsts on this trip to Florida: first trip to the Everglades, first airboat ride, first time to hold a baby alligator. On the other hand, I'm excited to get going at school. The end of the year always goes so fast, and it's full of so many traditions and fun times. Plus, I miss my students!

So, that's my list, my "tapas" for you. Now, if only we could all fit around a table and have a nice, long conversation about my ideas and yours.

I have a feeling THAT would be something to write about!


  1. I love this idea of tapas. I've had quite a few days where several posts just wouldn't come. I loved THE BOOK THIEF. I'd be interested in reading THE MONUMENTS MEN, too.

  2. I love the idea of tapas too! Think it will be fun to try with kids!

  3. Tapas works for me! I miss seeing your smiling (now tanned I'm sure) face as well as our students. So enjoyed reading your blog today to know I'm not alone when it comes to writer's block. We don't have many more "slice days" left and I wonder what we will write about. Until then, safe travels friend.