Monday, March 10, 2014

Slice of Life, March 10th - "10 Things I'd Do With $100 Billion Dollars"

We used to say, "What would you do with a million dollars?" but that question has outlived its imaginary usefulness. Truthfully, with a million dollars, I wouldn't do much. So, for the purposes of dreaming, I've come up with a number I can't imagine. I know that eventually one hundred billion dollars would be gone, but probably not in my imagination.

So, here's my list, both selfish and unselfish, of the things I would do with that much money. I've included both, because when I find myself dreaming of endless resources, both pop into my mind.

1. First, the boring but smart one. I'd do the expected and practical: pay off bills and invest for the future so I never run out!

2. I'd donate a LOT to places/people I love: my family, my church, my school, my friends. It would be wonderful to see them have the money they need to put their own dreams into action.

3. I'd start a few foundations to help others get out of desperate situations and back on their feet. There are an awful lot of people out there that don't deserve what they got out of life, and I'd like to help give them what they do deserve. I actually have quite a few ideas. I just need the funds. (Anyone want to donate....??)

4. I'd buy a few houses: one here near family, one on a private island in the tropics, one somewhere in Europe on a little cobbled street in a small town, and one in a big city somewhere. The exact locations would need to researched, of course! I'd enjoy them myself, take family and friends there, and invite others to relax.

5. I'd buy a private jet. I think someone with $100 billion would need one.

6. I would travel voraciously. I'd visit every place I've dreamed of, which is a lot of places: Europe, Australia, big cities far and wide, and small towns that barely make the map.

7. I'd take the time to learn some other languages.

8. I'd enjoy the arts-- visit museums, watch opera, go to the ballet...all things I dream of, but never have time for. And I'd take people with me and make them love it too.

9. I'd write a book. I've always wanted to be an author, and I've always said I just need time and a great idea. I finally think I've got the great idea, but the time? Not so much.

10. I'd write random checks to random people. I'd call the hospital and find out who has outstanding bills and pay them anonymously. I'd drop $10,000 in the Salvation Army buckets at Christmas. It would be a real pleasure to show people there is still kindness in the world.

Did you find any of yours on my list? What did I leave off? What are your dreams?


  1. I liked your 10 uses of a million dollars, both selfish and unselfish. Now I'll have to think about what I'd do with a million dollars!

  2. I love it all both for you and for others! I could imagine someone opening their mailbox with 10,000 in it and be like "What the heck!"

  3. What fun to think about! I'd buy LOTS of books and computers for my classroom. I'd buy books for my students to keep! I'd buy a summer house in Segovia, Spain and go there every summer. I'd visit my pen pal in New Zealand. I'd go to all my students' home countries to see where they came from... Oh, so many possibilities!

  4. I love the idea of giving unexpected gifts. I would love to be the person one day who is able to leave the waiter a waitress an outrageous tip or pass out $100 bills to strangers. I'd definitely travel, too!

  5. Something my family does on occasion while cooking breakfast on Saturday mornings is debate the locations of our dream properties! We feel like 4 homes is the right number, but disagree on the location of some of them. The debate can get passionate, but at some point we just all laugh because the idea is so absurd. It is still fun to dream!