Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4th, Slice of Life -- "Reflections on Why We Stop Trying"

What was the last dream you gave up on? Why did you quit believing you could do it? What contributed to you packing it away as unachievable? 

I've been reflecting on this lately.

I'm not talking about the dreams you set down, move on from, or decide aren't for you. Those are the goals that are not unattainable-- just not desirable anymore to you. Maybe it's a dream that's literally not possible. No one could tell my four year old little sister this, but her dream of being the tooth fairy just wasn't going to happen. I mean...there's only one of those, right? Right. (wink, wink)

I'm not talking about those dreams. Those probably had a shelf life anyway.

I'm talking about the ones you really could reach. I'm talking about the one you judged yourself not smart enough to achieve, not athletic enough to reach, not good enough to do. The ones you didn't leave behind as you grew and matured, but that left YOU behind.

And I ask you today, March 4th, 2014, why you stopped trying? Why? What was the final roadblock or negative thought or disrespectful comment that finally made you give in?

Will you do me a favor and hit the rewind button for just a second and imagine that that moment of surrender never came? Now, look at the that dream honestly. Is it something worth your time, your heart, your energy? Do you still want it deep down?

If the answer is yes, then do it. Make plans now. Do something TODAY that will move you in the direction of your dream. You have to move fast, or life will move in and snatch it from you again. You must make it happen.

The good news--you CAN make it happen. You are smart enough. You are athletic enough. You are __________ enough. You can and you will do it if you want it enough. It might be hard; maybe the hardest thing you will ever do, but you will do it.

I believe in you.


  1. What inspiring words! I've been taking small steps toward my dream of being a writer. I'm still struggling to find time enough to give to it, but this month is good practice to get in the writing habit!

  2. I love the idea of a 'shelf life' on some dreams. I will ponder that notion for a while.

  3. This made me reflect ...I need to think about if there are dreams that I want to attain. Sometimes, as we age, I think we stop dreaming big. Hmm....what dreams do I have?

  4. I just recommitted to my writing this morning - and then I read your post! Perfect timing! Great advice.

  5. Miss.Collins, I think your ending was very good and I understand that sometimes you feel like you cant reach a goal. But that does not matter it's how you feel on the inside. Lastly I like your slices of life and I hope you do more.

  6. Like Oh My Word that was awsome! I loved the whole thing an every thing about it. It was about animals (I love animals!!) and it was about speaking out on what you believe in!