Friday, February 28, 2014

Slice of Life-- More info!

I have had such a wonderful response from students and others about participating in the Slice of Life that I have decided to add a little more information to help!

First, there is a new blogging page, dedicated to only my student responses. You can view my blog and the responses from our guests on the Collins Cardinals page, but all students will be published on this new site. It is called "Slices from Pod 2" and can be accessed at I thought I would only be able to publish a few responses each day from students, but I will be publishing anyone that sends something in now!

Second, I have adjusted the expectations for publishing. Due to possible snow days and lack of Internet availability for everyone, I will be passing out paper for kids to write on each day. If you choose to send in your response on a certain day on the Internet, then you would just note that on that particular day of your journal and it will count. This way it is equal for everyone. I still want you to send your responses in so I can publish them, but this levels the playing field and lets everyone be eligible for a celebration at the end.

Last, keep tabs on reading others' work and commenting. One of the joys of blogging is getting comments from other people who read, so leave some encouraging comments for your friends in the comment section. Remember, no last names, please. Also, remember to keep others' feelings in mind when you comment. 

The most exciting announcement is that we are planning something extra-special for the students that write all 31 days! More details soon!!

**If you get stuck writing, remember the 6 tips Mrs. Williams gave in her video to us.
   1. Write about a single word, like kindness, sweet, nature, or family.
   2. Write about events that have impacted you recently or in the past.
   3. Respond to what you are reading.
   4. Write about what you are wondering.
   5. Respond to a quote you are inspired by--remember to tell who said it.
   6. Read other blogs to get ideas.
View the video again here:

Happy Writing, kids! The excitement starts tomorrow, and I am so proud of you already! You've inspired me and others with your enthusiasm! Keep up the great work. Check here tomorrow for the first posts!

--Miss Collins

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